Monday, November 28, 2011

Womenetics Spotlights Morgan Coffey, Founder, Stronghold Atlanta

Womenetics has a feature on Morgan Coffey, founder of Stronghold Atlanta and a 2010 National Young Woman of Distinction. At 19, Coffey co-founding Stronghold Atlanta, a nonprofit organization connecting victims of domestic violence with resources to help them break free from the cycle of abuse. The organization was an outgrowth of her Girl Scout Gold Award project in high school. She currently serves as Stronghold’s director of development, marketing, and communications.

A junior at Oglethorpe University studying business, communications, and public policy, Coffey was named a National Young Woman of Distinction for Girl Scouts USA in 2010, one of 10 selected. She passionately pursues solutions to the issues of domestic violence and abuse and teen dating violence.

When asked about the financial literacy program Stronghold offers and why that’s an important element in helping women affected by domestic violence, Coffey states, "We put together a financial literacy class called “It All Adds Up: A Woman’s Guide to Financial Self-Defense.” The program explains not just the financial side but also paperwork, what types of documents you need to have like Social Security cards, birth certificates, any adoption records, or things like that. It also explains how to budget, how to set aside money, and save. We worked with banks in the community and other financial advisers to make sure we were giving accurate information. Then we made it available to the community by publicizing it in different venues."

Make sure you read the entire interview here.