Monday, November 14, 2011

Girl Scouts of the USA is Proud to Welcome Anna Maria Chávez, Chief Executive Officer

Anna Maria Chávez is the CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA. A first generation Mexican-American, Chávez was a Girl Scout in her native Arizona and would later become an aide to then-Governor Janet Napolitano. She has been CEO of the Girl Scout's Southwest Texas Council since 2009.

Chávez spoke with Houston Chronicle reporter Anna Gallegos about her expectations for the organization, which will turn 100 in 2012. When asked about her priorities for the Girl Scouts, Chávez answered,

"What I'm very excited about is the opportunity we have currently because we are about to turn 100 years old. I have the great honor of being part of a team that is really going to start going external with our message. We're really ready to talk to the world about girls, issues that are important to them, and how we are developing leaders for this country and the world. I think it's really focusing on ... the investment in girls. What I'm talking about is really expressing the relevance of Girl Scouts for not only girls, but for this country."