Thursday, November 17, 2011

Girl Scouts Forever Green Takes Action in Houston

Houston's Fox 26 reports that "Girl Scouts of the USA is celebrating their 100-year anniversary by sponsoring a program called Girl Scouts Forever Green,” Houston Arboretum Conservation Director Joe Blanton said.

In Houston, Girl Scouts built several rain gardens and planted over 500 plants. The new plants won’t have to worry too much about the drought or watering restrictions. The tank is 2,500 gallons and a 1-inch rain event will provide 800 gallons to this reservoir. The water can be used for the plants when they need it most.

“From this partnership with the Girl Scouts,” Blanton said. “We’ve been able to establish a variety of demonstration gardens as well as a rain tank that the public can come out and see exactly how it functions to capture rain when it does rain and being able to use it at their discretion in between rainfall events.”

For more information on Girl Scouts Forever Green, look here.