Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Girl Scout Cookie Program Featured in Wall Street Journal

The front page of today's Wall Street Journal has a teaser to a story titled "Office Guilt: Please Buy My Daughter's Girl Scout Cookies." The article makes the point that the Girl Scout Cookie Program is a business learning experience for girls by stating that "while Girl Scouts of the USA doesn't allow online sales, a 30-county Ohio Girl Scout council has set up a Facebook page to help younger scouts market cookies, and some troops in the San Diego area are using a smartphone app that allows credit-card sales. Girl Scouts also use a "Cookie Club" website that helps them email prospective customers and receive promises to buy."

Kym Wright had her 7-year-old daughter Ella dress in her Brownie uniform and make a two-minute video showing pictures and prices for some nut products she was selling for her troop.

"It made it so much easier to email that to friends and say, 'Here's a little video of Ella, if you are interested in buying," says Ms. Wright, of San Diego. Some liked the video so much that they sent it to a half-dozen others. Ella sold 100 cans of nuts, five times her target, aided by distant grandparents and a cousin who showed her video to his co-workers.

What business skills have you learned from Girl Scouting?