Friday, October 14, 2011

Start Your Day off With Together Counts!

Join us for fresh air and exercise as we start our Saturday Convention activities in Houston, TX! Our friends from Together Counts are leading Girl Scouts girls, parents, volunteers, and alumnae in a leisurely walk along Discovery Green Park. Everyone is welcome! For more information, look here!

Together Counts is a nationwide program dedicated to inspiring active and healthy living. The principle behind their program is Energy Balance, which means balancing calories consumed with calories burned. Together Counts was started by The Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, a national, CEO-led organization with a mission to help reduce childhood obesity by 2015.

To learn more about Together Counts or The Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation visit our exhibit hall main stage on Thursday, November 10 from 2:00-2:20 p.m. for an opportunity to connect with Lisa Gable, The Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation’s President.

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