Monday, October 24, 2011

The New Girl Scouts Innovation Badges Taught Designers About Raising Leaders

Fast Company reports that as part of the organization's rebranding, the Girl Scouts has introduced an innovation component. In designing the program, Jump Associates developed some tips for training girls to become future leaders. Lauren Pollak leads Jump's New York office. She advises business leaders in industrial materials, packaged food, financial services, and retail on achieving their growth objectives. Of her work on the new Girl Scout Badges, she writes:

"When we started to design the program, we realized that it would need to be much more than about designing cool stuff; it would have to involve developing empathy. It would also have to be age appropriate across four age levels, from second to tenth grade. The program caters to younger girls’ interests and capabilities, yet grows as older girls develop more critical-thinking skills. For this reason, the first level of Innovation, the Inventor badge, is about creating new things, while senior Girl Scouts work on building new businesses for the Social Innovator badge... To better understand the full value Girl Scouts has had on women, and to learn what girls need today, Jump spent time talking with Girl Scouts alumnae (of which there are over 50 million today), current Girl Scouts of all ages and their parents, and executives within the organization."

Follow the link to read Pollak's five tips for training girls to become future leaders.