Tuesday, October 25, 2011

At University of Kansas, a High Number of Girl Scouts in the College of Architecture, Planning and Design

The Design. Make. Blog, a chronicle of the 2011-2012 studio collaboration of 5th year Kansas State University architecture students and el dorado, inc. Recently, Audrey and Kate, two University of Kansas students and Girl Scout Alumna, walked through Seaton Hall and asked every girl they could find in studios if they were once a girl scout. The result was surprising-in every studio there were at least two girls that had been a girl scouts.

Over 100 girls in the College of Architecture, Planning and Design (CAPD) at Kansas State University were part of the organization. At this point CAPD is almost a 50/50 ratio men to women, even though architecture is thought of a male dominated field.

More than 50 million women have been a part of Girl Scouts. Some whose names might sound familiar include Katie Couric, Laura Bush, Condoleezza Rice and Barbra Walters. All of these women have excelled due to their outstanding leadership skills, the very core of which the girl scouts base their organization.