Wednesday, October 19, 2011

5 Business Lessons From Kathy Cloninger

Business News Daily recently caught up with Kathy Cloninger, CEO, Girl Scouts of the USA. She shared five lessons the Girl Scouts can teach business owners and their employees.
  • Network, network, network
  • Start early
  • Create a great strategy
  • Stay ahead of the curve
  • Embrace diversity
"When you have both men and women in top senior management roles, companies get the benefit of diversity," Cloninger said."If you don't have 50 percent of top management as women, then we believe the company is not leveraging its talent or ability to succeed as well as if you have women working with men. We have data showing that companies who do have more women on their boards or in senior executive positions tend to do better on profit return and return on investment."

Girl Scouts stand for much more than cookies, camping, and crafts. There is no other organization remotely comparable in size, experience, and resources devoted to developing leadership in girls. Kathy Cloninger, CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA, tells their story in the new book - Tough Cookies: Leadership Lessons from 100 Years of the Girl Scouts.