Friday, September 16, 2011

New York's Greene County Girl Scouts Helping Out After Irene

New York's Greene County News reports that resulting from Tropical Storm Irene, Girl Scouts in Greenville decided to take matters into the own hands to help their neighbors and fellow Girl Scouts in their time of need.

From August 30 to September 2, Scouts collected everything from food to bedding to cleaning supplies and more to help their mountaintop neighbors who were hit so hard by the storm, and then they loaded up trucks to rush the donations to the shelters.

And with the initial shock of the damage now waning, Scouts are not done yet – they plan to continue their collection effort over the coming weeks.

“The girls called the shelters for daily reports of what was needed and put a call out for those items,” Adult Volunteer Kelly Fagan said. “They even got a breast pump and feeding items for infants. I made sure our girls had the opportunity to lead and learn from this experience and they did a fabulous job.”

For many of the girls, they mobilized their efforts and took action even before electricity was restored to their own homes. Do you have any examples of Girl Scouts helping their communities following natural disasters?