Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Help Needed as Wildfires Spread Throughout Texas

The 2011 Texas wildfires are an ongoing series of wildfires that have burned over 3,582,000 acres across Texas. The fires have been particularly severe due to the ongoing 2011 Southern US drought covering the state. Exacerbating the problem is a unusual convergence of strong winds, unseasonably warm temperatures and low humidity. On Labor Day, 500 homes were destroyed in and around Bastrop, TX, by a particularly lethal wildfire. Firefighters from more than forty-three states have been involved in the operation to combat the fires.

CNN follows Nichelle and John Bielinsky to the site where their house once stood. The couple says they will rebuild.

Here is a short-list of ways that people can help:

Our thoughts go out to anyone impacted by the Texas Wildfires.