Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tzofim Israel Scouts Friendship Caravan Show Hits the USA

The Arizona Daily Star reports that the Tzofim Israel Scouts Friendship Caravan Show made its 10th annual stop at the Tucson Jewish Community Center last week, putting on a free musical performance as part of a three-month tour of the United States.

Performing in front of about 150 folks of all ages, the hourlong show last Thursday featured 11 songs by 16-year-old boys and girls who have practiced since last January after making the final 40 cut from more than 2,000 people who auditioned, Klevitsky explained.

"We are trying to get into people's hearts - basically perform, talk and speak, and just bring the real Israel out there," Klevitsky said. "It's not about the pictures and TV and men in suits that come and speak, it's real teenagers and they sing and dance and they just bring themselves."

Kids at the Jewish Community Center enjoyed the various performances and after the show, audience members got a chance to meet the various performers and ask them questions about being a teenager in Israel.