Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Getting to Know Girl Scout Leader Nikki Beougher

Ohio's Times Bulletin catches up with Girl Scout Leader Nikki Beougher in an article titled "Getting to Know... a Girl Scout Leader". Like countless others, when Beougher first joined Girl Scouting, she was happy to spend the extra time with her own daughter and participate in unique events and trips. Now she continues to be a leader because of the response from the girls.

On being a leader, Beougher says, "I think we get more out of it than the girls do sometimes... You meet so many people and make friends with other women you wouldn't have met otherwise. You also get to see your daughter and the other girls turn into a young woman who can lead others, and the smiles on their faces and the excitement is great."

Are you a Girl Scout Leader? What have you gotten out of being a Girl Scout Leader?