Thursday, July 7, 2011

Dr. Joe Puglia, Adamant Girl Scout Supporter

California's La Cañada Valley Sun has a weekly column by Joe Puglia, a practicing counselor, professor of education at Glendale Community College and a former officer in the Marines. This week's column is titled "Just ask Rosie: Girls can do anything".

Puglia writes, "I was volunteering at an Eagle Board of Review, helping a boy transition to the pinnacle of Boy Scouts. His resume and interview were perfect. I had the last question: “Have you ever done any projects or backpacking trips with a Girl Scout troop?” He answered casually, “No, but I wish we had.”

Afterward, I was chatting with the Scout leaders when one of the men rolled his eyes and, in a patronizing tone, said, “Dr. Joe! Girl Scouts don’t backpack. They make bracelets!”... I looked right through those guys and asked, “Can your scouts orientate a compass and follow an azimuth?” They hesitated but acknowledged not everyone could. In my typical Bronx tone, I replied, “The girls in my troop can.”

The column makes a very solid case for Girl Scouting from a man's perspective. Read the entire column here. A special thanks to all of our Male Leaders and Volunteers!