Wednesday, July 13, 2011

50 Years Later, Toasting to a European cruise

Iowa's Sioux City Journal reports on a 50 year Girl Scout reunion. Girl Scout Troop 116 "drank champagne out of elegant crystal goblets" in memory of their first sip of cruising to Europe on the S.S. United States 50 years earlier. Their travels took them to England, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France. For the most part, they stayed in Girl Scout hostels where they met girls from other countries. In Switzerland, they were treated to several nights in a hotel - the Chateau Gutsch.

Troop chaperon Ardyce Winter expected her scouts to adhere to rules of conduct on their cruise and European tour. Rule # 9 was "maintain a positive attitude toward food, living circumstances, adverse conditions." What codes of conduct do you follow when travelling abroad?