Monday, June 27, 2011

Texas Woman Gives Kidney to Fellow Girl Scout

In Texas, The Katy Times reports that Katy native Kimberley Adcock recently gave up a kidney to Meredith Kelly, her fellow Girl Scout. Before the two women shared vital organs, they had in common a family tradition in Girl Scouting and shared the same church. James Hale reports that "Kelly’s grandmother was a Girl Scout leader, and her mother was a scout before Kelly. Adcock’s family history in the Girl Scouts is nearly identical, with the mother serving as troop leader to her daughter for the past two generations."

The two women, five years apart in age, both attended the same church, Memorial Church of Christ, but were always in separate youth groups because of their age difference. It was at the Memorial Church of Christ, which Kelly’s parents still attend, that Adcock first heard of Kelly’s life-threatening circumstances. Through church and social media, Adcock was aware of Kelly’s worsening condition, and decided to begin the process of donating her kidney.

“My parents always raised me to help others in need, and my faith in God continually showed me that being on this earth is not about serving ourselves, but serving others,” Adcock said. “Being a Girl Scout since I was a Daisy, it’s those same principles that we say every time in the Girl Scout Promise and Law about helping people at all times, and making the world a better place.”

Do you know any life-saving Girl Scouts?