Thursday, June 16, 2011

Special Flag Flies at Spirit of Nebraska Council

Last January, a Daisy Girl Scout troop from Omaha set out to earn their “Red Petal,” which represents the qualities of being “courageous and strong.” While earning this Daisy recognition, the girls made Valentine cards and sent them to United States troops in Afghanistan, who demonstrate everyday what it means to be courageous and strong.

The Daisies were thrilled to receive a package last March from the U.S. troops as a thank you for the Valentine cards. The package included a U.S. flag that was flown over Camp Phoenix in Kabul, Afghanistan, a certificate presenting the flag and photos of Afghani Girl Scouts! Because the Daisy troop had no place to display the U.S. flag, they donated it to the council where it was raised recently as a tribute to the women and men serving our country.