Friday, June 24, 2011

Sharon Sayles Belton: Once a Girl Scout, Always a Girl Scout

Sharon Sayles Belton, Girl Scout alumna, former mayor of Minneapolis and Vice President of Community Relations and Government Affairs for Thomson Reuters legal business penned a post for the Girl Scouts River Valleys Blog about being a lifelong Girl Scout. "I learned many of the important skills needed to be successful in life through Girl Scouts," she states. "Scouting teaches girls the confidence to take on any challenge they encounter. Girl Scouts reinforced in me the importance of taking responsibility for my own personal development; helped me understand my relationship with the community, and my responsibilities in the community as a citizen. My parents believed that their values would be reinforced through the Girl Scout experience—and they were right!"

With nearly 50 million Girl Scout alumnae and counting, it's no surprise that many successful women credit Girl Scouting as a source of leadership development.

"Today, I’m still a Girl Scout," says Belton. "The truth of the matter is that once you are a Girl Scout, you are always a Girl Scout. You may not wear the green sash every day, you might not go to a troop meeting, but the basic beliefs—giving back, sharing skills, improving your community, networking, mentoring and helping others in a joyful way—are something you carry with you every day."

Girl Scouts of the USA has recently launched an Alumnae Online Community. A fantastic resource for all Girl Scout Alumnae - it serves as a site for Alumnae to reconnect with and to rediscover Girl Scouting. Definitely check it out!