Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Girl Scouts Okay After Train Crash

Colorado's Daily Camera reports that a semitrailer crashed into an Amtrak passenger train Friday in rural Nevada that was carrying several girls from a Girl Scout troop in Lafayette.

The five scouts from Troop 71048 and five mothers accompanying them were on a trip to San Francisco to celebrate the girls becoming ambassador scouts, the highest rank in Girl Scouts. They had gotten on the train Thursday night, and the mothers were on the observation deck when the crash happened.

"We just heard a loud pop and then a puff of smoke and then we saw flames off to the right," said Alison Powers, whose daughter Sarah Sorensen was of one of the scouts. "My daughter was down in the snack car, and she saw a fireball go past her window."

All 10 in the group were able to escape the fiery crash with only some red cheeks.