Thursday, June 23, 2011

Girl Scout Silver Award Project Helps Those With Aphasia

To earn her Girl Scout Silver Award, Sophie Call has launched an initiative to help people who have suffered strokes. For those with aphasia, the aftermath of a stroke, reading can be difficult. A patient sometimes is able to read only a word or two at a time, so trying to comprehend a or chapter or a full book is a challenge.

People with aphasia can process only straightforward sentences and basic vocabulary. Connecticut's Westport News reports that Call plans to read seven books and outline them chapter by chapter to create reading guides for people with aphasia. The outlines are designed to help patients with aphasia to read with some support and guidance.

The project, she hopes, will help people with aphasia, all over the USA (to be able to enjoy books again, which would improve communication skills and be fun. Do you have any outstanding Girl Scout Silver Award examples to share?