Friday, June 24, 2011

Girl Scout Research Institute Cited in Huffpo

Stephanie Marcus reports for the Huffington Post that "unless you monitor every key stroke your daughter makes, you probably don't know the extent of socializing she does online. There are already 7.5 million Facebook users under the age of 13, and CEO Mark Zuckerberg says they have no reason not to be there."

The article points out that Canada's Atlantic Status of Women Ministers is developing a five-year strategy on the impact of social media on young girls. Marcus points to studies showing that social media can put teen girls in confusing situations. A survey by the Girl Scouts Research Institute found that nearly three quarters of girls use social networking sites to appear "cooler than they really are."

"It's not hard to see why girls would want to develop a presence online," says Marcus, "especially when becoming an online personality can actually lead to professional success."

According to the Girl Scout Research Institute, there are many up-sides to girls being online. Fifty-two percent of girls online have gotten involved in a cause they care about through a social network. Are you involved in any social causes online?