Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cookie Sales and Community Donations Finance Home Redecoration Project

The Journal Times, WI, reports that a Girl Scout Troop from Waterford recently redecorated the home of two men with Down Syndrome. The Girl Scouts upgraded the Union Grove home where Rudy Garcia lives with caregiver Patti Rushing, her three adult daughters and Ryan Andry, her 25-year-old son who also has Down syndrome.

The girls selected Rushing's home for the project because they wanted to help people with disabilities. So Rushing, her family and Garcia left their home early Saturday morning; then about 35 people, including 10 Girl Scouts, got to work.

With about $1,000 in cookie-sale profits plus assorted donations from family and friends, they managed to clean the house, do landscaping, set up a new patio set, finish basement tile work and redecorate rooms including Rushing's bedroom and the bedrooms of Garcia and Rushing's son, Ryan Andry.