Thursday, May 26, 2011

Girl Scout Amelia England Turns 111

In Massachusetts, South Coast Today reports that Amelia England turned 111 years old on May 15, making her one of the oldest people in world and the second oldest person in Massachusetts. She's lived in the area for 100 years, since emigrating from England at the age of 11.

One singular achievement Milly is especially proud of is holding the title of oldest known living Girl Scout. She joined the Scouts in 1914, two years after the group's founding, was a member of the Thistle Troop and remembers meeting Girl Scouts founder Juliette Low. Milly recalls that the troop met at St. Andrew's Church in New Bedford and that they made their own uniforms. "I'm still a Girl Scout," she says. "I'll never quit Girl Scouting."

Happy Birthday Millie! Do you know any Girl Scouts approaching, at or over 100 years of age?