Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Saving a Library With Bronze Award

New Jersey's Princeton Packet reports that Junior Girl Scout Troop 709 presented petitions with more than 900 signatures regarding local Mary Jacobs Library to the Montgomery Township Committee.

The petitions read: “Mary Jacobs Library is an essential part of our community. It serves township residents young and old, and is a vibrant, inviting community center. Children, teens, parents, seniors, scouts and other community groups rely on the library and its resources. If the library must close, thousands of residents like me will be affected. I support Mary Jacobs Library, and hope the Township Committee will too.”

A recent expansion project in the library that reduced the size of its endowment coupled with a reduction in financial support from the municipality has sparked a campaign to garner community support to meet its annual need of $200,000 for costs associated with the building.

”The girls started working on their Bronze Award project in September of 2010,” said Anne Weekes, co-leader. “The girls came up with all kinds of ideas for a Bronze Award project, which has to address a need in the community, and unanimously voted to help Mary Jacobs Library because they all enjoy going there and loved the idea that they could do something to help make sure it doesn’t close.” Other requirements for earning a Bronze Award were completed during the 2009/2010 scouting year, said Ms. Weekes.