Friday, July 6, 2018

Don’t Forget to Pack These Girl Scout Camp Essentials

girl scout camp packing list, girl scouts camp packing list

Getting outdoors and connecting with nature is part of a Girl Scout’s DNA. And although some troops camp year-round, the summer months are when the most girls get serious about exploring the world beyond walls.

Whether she’s staying overnight at a resident camp or camping with her troop, packing certain items are key to having the best camp experience! So we’ve rounded up all the must-have items that we can’t imagine camping without. 

Here’s what to pack:

girl scout camp packing list, girl scouts camp packing list
Bandanas have dozens of uses at summer camp: to pull back hair, to cool down her neck on a hot day, to use as a sling—and the list goes on! Consider packing more than one, because more bandanas = more fun.

Although sunscreen seems like an obvious camping essential, it can be easily overlooked when packing. And you may want to pick up the waterproof kind; you never know what adventures await!

girl scout camp packing list, girl scouts camp packing listShe should pack a sleeping bag, pillow, an extra pillowcase, and whatever will make her evenings comfortable. If it’s too warm to sleep inside a sleeping bag, she can always use it as a mattress pad for extra comfort. 

Sturdy Shoes 
Flip flops are great, but they aren’t practical for exploring nature and hiking. Make sure she packs sneakers or a pair of hiking boots so she can safely explore the world around her. A few extra pairs of socks don’t hurt, either. 

Sit Upon 
A Girl Scout tradition, the sit upon is an absolute must for camp, and there are so many cool ways to make one. Not only will her personality shine through as she designs her very own creation, but she’ll also have a waterproof place to sit at camp.

girl scout camp packing list, girl scouts camp packing listDeck of Cards 
Playing cards, mad libs, a book, a journal, and other similar activity-focused items that don’t require technology are a great way for her to connect with her fellow campers and make new friends! 

Bug Repellent 
Mosquitoes and spiders and ticks—oh, my! They don’t make for the best outdoor experience, to say the least. Keep her week as annoyance-free and healthy as possible by making sure she packs some bug spray.

girl scout camp packing list, girl scouts camp packing list
Having a sturdy backpack, especially if she goes on a hike, is very handy! That way she can bring along her sunscreen as well as other items on this list.

Water Bottle 
Hydration is key at camp—especially on hot days. She can use one of those bandanas she packed to tie her water bottle to her belt loop for hands-free carrying. Another great bandana use!

You wouldn’t want her to forget her toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, shampoo, soap, etc. Whether she uses them once she’s at camp? That’s a whole other story. But you can make sure she adds them to the list!

girl scout camp packing list, girl scouts camp packing listBathing Suit 
Swimming and watersports are some of the most refreshing activities at summer camp. She’ll definitely want to be part of that adventure!

Summer nights can get pretty dark, so a flashlight with extra batteries is smart to have on hand. If the flashlight can stand on its own, placing a water bottle on top of it will turn it into a lantern.

girl scout camp packing list, girl scouts camp packing listEven forecasters often don’t know if it’s going to rain! Having a poncho, raincoat, or umbrella just in case lives up to the Girl Scout motto: be prepared.

Making new friends and creating memories is the best part of summer camp. If she brings a camera, she’ll always have pictures to look back on and remember how awesome her time at camp was.

Bonus: Troop Leader Necessity—Duct Tape 
Did the strap on your bag give out or your trusty bandana lose some of its tying power? It’s duct tape time! You can use this mighty tape for a ton of fixes and projects, like seeing who can build the best cardboard boat using duct tape.